CAA Salary and Benefits Survey Report 2019


The Community Action Agency Salary and Benefits Survey Report 2019 Including Salaries, Fringe Benefits, and Personnel Policies is now available.

Report Table of Contents

The CAA Salary and Benefits Survey Report 2019 is organized in five sections:

Section A provides an overview of the national totals as well as how to read the salary charts. The last page in Section A provides definitions of terms used throughout the Report.

Section B includes both annual salary and hourly pay rate charts for 34 key positions in community action agencies. The wage charts show for each position the national average, count, minimum, and maximum salaries for each of five main categories:

* Agency Type (Private or Public);

* Agency Size (Number of Full-Time Equivalent Employees);

* Agency Budget;

* Type of Service Delivery Area (Urban, Rural, or Mixed); and

* Federal region.

Free preview of a pay rate chart from this Report:

There are both Hourly and Annual pay rate charts for each of the 34 CAA positions in this Report.

Section C provides info on CAA fringe benefits, vacation leave, sick leave, and other personnel practices.

Section D shows the totals and averages for personnel practices like paid holidays, workweek hours, mileage reimbursement rates, and others.

Section E provides a comparison of the changes since our previous surveys.

For agencies that participated in the survey, the cost of the Report was reduced.

To order the CAA Salary and Benefits Survey Report 2019 at the non-participant rate use our online order form.

For those who did not participate in the survey: PDF $445 prepaid or Hardcopy $495, prepaid.

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Questions or comments about the Report may be directed to:

Teresa Wickstrom, Head Start Consultant
Center for Community Futures