Review Ready! E-File

The Review Ready! 2021 Electronic File for Head Start Programs is now available

FY2021 Monitoring Protocol including both Focus Area 1 (as of 9/18/2020) and Focus Area 2 (as of 12/3/2020)

Sharable spreadsheet with the Monitoring Protocol questions, related regulations, and spaces for keeping track

Head Start programs can use the
Review Ready! 2021 Electronic File to help get ready for the next Federal review.

The Review Ready! 2021 E-File spreadsheet includes all Monitoring Protocol items and Related Regulations for:

Focus Area 1 as of 9/18/2020:
Program Design and Management = 79 rows
Designing Quality Education and Child Development Program Services = 43 rows
Designing Quality Health Program Services = 75 rows
Designing Quality Family and Community Engagement Program Services = 17 rows
Developing Effective ERSEA Strategies and Fiscal Infrastructure = 128 rows

Focus Area 2 as of 12/3/2020:
Program Management and Quality Improvement = 71 rows
Monitoring and Implementing Quality Education and Child Development Services = 79 rows
Monitoring and Implementing Quality Health Program Services = 95 rows
Monitoring and Implementing Quality Family and Community Engagement Services = 56 rows
Monitoring and Implementing Fiscal Infrastructure = 184 rows
Monitoring ERSEA: Eligibility and Attendance = 62 rows

See how the Monitoring Protocol questions and performance measures relate to the spelled‐out Performance Standards, Head Start Act, and Federal regulations as indicated in the Protocol.

Review Ready! 2021 Electronic File

The electronic file is an Excel workbook available through e-mail or Google Drive that has:

  • The complete text of the Monitoring Protocol review questions, including performance measures,

  • The corresponding Performance Standards, Federal regulations, and Head Start Act requirements spelled out next to their applicable compliance indicators,

  • Space for writing notes regarding:

  • Policy – reference your program’s policies and procedures that meet/exceed the regulation, or note if a policy needs to be modified, approved, or drafted;

  • Governing Body – note actions pending or taken by the Governing Body;

  • PC – list the action/s required or taken by Policy Council or Policy Committee;

  • Corrective Action – note corrective action/s needed or taken;

  • Responsible – indicate who is responsible for the item/corrective action; and

  • Target Date – list the date by which the corrective action is to be completed.

Use the Review Ready! 2021 E-File to:

  • Write notes on what you need to do – and what you have done—to get ready for review on each item;

  • Indicate whether or not you have policies in place;

  • List corrective actions needed or taken;

  • Identify persons responsible for getting your program into compliance;

  • Keep track of what the Governing Body and Policy Council have done or need to do;

  • Specify target dates for completion; and

  • Make sure that every Performance Standard and Federal regulation relating to the Monitoring Protocol is addressed in preparation for your review.

The Review Ready! 2021 Electronic file also gives you:

  • The ability to share the file with program staff and others involved in the review, working on the same master spreadsheets;

  • A carefully formatted file for easier, smarter management of reviewable requirements.

The Review Ready! 2021 Electronic File also includes text in these Excel spreadsheet tabs:

  • The Head Start Act (Public Law 110-134 "Improving Head Start for School Readiness Act of 2007”)

  • The Final Rules (U.S.C. 9801 et seq., subchapter B of 45 CFR chapter XIII, parts 1301 through 1305)

  • 2 CFR Part 200 (45 CFR Part 75--Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for HHS Awards)

  • Periodicity Schedule (AAP/Bright Futures)

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