Salary and Benefits Survey of Local Head Start Programs 2022

Dear Head Start Director:

The new nationwide Salary and Benefits Survey of Local Head Start Programs is now underway. The results will provide Head Start programs like yours with current, comprehensive, and accurate salary data—so you can find out how your salaries, fringe benefits, and personnel policies compare with Head Start programs nationwide.

This is a cooperative effort. By participating in this survey, you will help Head Start programs across the country, including yours.

  • The results of this Survey will enable you to determine how the salaries, fringe benefits, and personnel policies of your program compare with other Head Start programs nationwide. It includes 163 key Head Start positions as well as fringe benefits and personnel practices.

  • Every salary survey will help. Each survey will help define the national averages, will help peer programs see where they are in comparison with similar programs, and will help you to address discrepancies in salaries and benefits, and more. So it is very important that your program participates and sends the completed salary survey to us.

  • We guarantee that your individual responses will remain confidential.

  • If you complete and return the survey to us by Friday, October 28, 2022, you can order the Report at a substantial discount. In the private sector, this is called "sponsored research." The users pay for the cost of printing and mailing the survey, compiling the results, printing and mailing the Report. There is no grant money paying for this type of survey—the participants pay the basic costs of the work and get the Report at cost, which is a substantial discount from the retail price.

  • Even if you are not planning on ordering the Report, we respectfully request you please send in the completed survey. The results will enable other Head Start programs to compare national averages to their programs, potentially effecting change to pay scales, leave policies, merit pay increases, etc.

  • The Survey is available below or here in PDF format or via e-mail request to (specify if you prefer PDF or Word format).

We plan to publish the results of this study in the Salary and Benefits Survey Report of Local Head Start Programs 2022 before December 31, 2022. If there are any questions about the survey, please e-mail Teresa Wickstrom at or call her at (909) 790-0670. Your efforts on this are sincerely appreciated – by us and by Head Start programs nationwide.

James I. Masters, Director

Teresa K. Wickstrom, Project Manager