Center for Community Futures

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Berkeley, CA 94705 

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Jim Masters, Consultant (510) 459-7570

Matt Klapperich, Accounting Consultant (510) 339-3801

Allen Stansbury, Consultant in Public Policy Research Analysis (707) 540-5776
Teresa Wickstrom, Head Start Consultant (909) 790-0670

Now available from the Center for Community Futures:

Family Development and Case Management Training for Head Start Management based entirely on the new Parent, Family Community Engagement (PFCE) framework, and on the goals and Relationship Based Competencies (RBCs) listed in the appendix to ACF-IM-HS-12-05. We cover the RBCs for Supervisors using the latest in social work theory and practice. 

The Center for Community Futures offers Wage and Benefits Comparability Study services for Head Start programs and Community Action Agencies.