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New from John Johnston:

"I finally figured out why things are getting steadily worse in the US and what to do about it.  These two insights are now in the versions of the paper,  "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness in the US: 1954-2030" (Paper 052324) and Workbook 052324 that are [linked].  I promise this is the last version of both.    

The folks who have been in power in the US for the last 50 years have never been called into account.  (I include the media in this.  They are multi-national corporations too.)  The left needs to frame progressive policies differently.  There needs to be a drumbeat of messages that start like this.   "Look, you folks have been in power for half a century and here is where we find ourselves.  Today, it is evident the “American System” is failing in five ways.

You are welcome to try, but there is no way to refute your track record.  It is a dismal failure.  We need a new model that makes the model you built and vigorously defend obsolete.  We are not going to change your model.  We are going to build a new community-based model that makes obsolete the model you built and used to get us to the current dismal state of affairs.       

This gets us to MAGA.  The MAGA folks are all about power and hate.  The alternative – what we are going to do instead – is embodied in the latest versions of the paper and workbook that are attached.  The left in this country needs to reclaim the Declaration of Independence:  ‘Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,’ as the foundation for public policy making.” 

For Local Head Start Programs:

Family Development and Case Management Training for Head Start Management based entirely on the new Parent, Family Community Engagement (PFCE) framework, and on the goals and Relationship Based Competencies (RBCs) listed in the appendix to ACF-IM-HS-12-05. We cover the RBCs for Supervisors using the latest in social work theory and practice. 

The Center for Community Futures offers Wage and Benefits Comparability Study services for Head Start programs and Community Action Agencies.


For Community Action Agencies: