Board Members Toolkit

Community Action and the War on Poverty

Click this link to access the Community Action Agency Board Member Toolkit In a Nutshell. This is a large Word file.

Community Action Agency Board Members Toolkit in a Nutshell

This Toolkit for CAA Board Members focuses on a few topics:

  • Community Assessment

  • Results Oriented Management and Accountability

  • Planning

  • Basic Choices for Board members

  • History and future of community action

  • Organization and responsibilities of a board

  • Program monitoring and evaluation

  • Quizzes to help solidify knowledge

  • Resources and links

  • An Introductory Overview for new Board Members is available in a separate publication from the Minnesota CSBG office. Please click here for the PDF file.

Click on links below to access the text of the Board Members Toolkit:


Chapter 1. Planning Overview

Chapter 2. The Twelve Big Problems in Community Assessment

Chapter 3. Introduction and Overview of Community Assessment

Chapter 4. Community Assessment and Planning

Chapter 5. About ROMA

Chapter 6. Basic Choices for Board Members

Chapter 7. History and Future of Community Action

Chapter 8. Preparing for the Next Phase of Anti-Poverty Work

Chapter 9. Organization and Responsibilities of a Board

Chapter 10. Board Recruitment and Retention

Chapter 11. Board Development: Preparing an Individual Development Plan

Chapter 12. Reducing Busywork: Focusing More Board Activity on Community Issues

Chapter 13. CAA Board and Staff Relations

Chapter 14. Evaluation of the Executive Director Funder Relationships, and the Agency Itself

Appendix A: Additional Resources and Acronyms and Definitions

Quick Links:

From the Minnesota Department of Children, Families, & Learning: OEO's "The Training Book for Community Action Boards" see EOGBoardTrainingBook.pdf

Strategic Planning paper by John Ochoa, CSD Ochoa strat plng.doc

Strategy Preferences Exercise (.docx)