Allen Stansbury

Allen Stansbury, Consultant in Public Policy Research Analysis

Allen Stansbury has served as a Senior Associate and Consultant at the Center for Community Futures in Berkeley, CA, since 1990. During this period he has provided training and technical assistance in management and organizational development. He also conducts economic and public policy analysis and to that end has published a timely authorities and resource document titled “Decline of the US Middle Class, America’s New Working Poor” in a blog format started in August 2013.

Much of the work discusses the plight of middle income earners who have, despite their best efforts have slide nearly into poverty. Also we discuss the US stagnant economy, loss of middle income jobs, high cost of higher education, lack of affordable health and medical insurance or services, income disparity, and the lack of mobility.

In addition to that, Allen provides training in Human Resource Management Systems, Organizational Development and has coordinated a team of social welfare and training professionals in the development and implementation of case management. In association with the Center for Community Futures, he compiled and edited the publication "Case Management for Community Action Agencies, Guide Book and Resource Materials" Volumes 1, 2, & 3, (1991).

Additionally, he has authored for the Center:

  • Financial Policies and Procedures for Head Start Programs, published April, 2011

  • Accountability, Cost Allocation and Indirect Costs Workbook for Nonprofits, January 2011

  • Local Currency Handbook 1998

  • How to Organize a Social Enterprise for Your Agency 1995

Allen also has his own private practice; Stansbury Consulting Services, providing consultation in international development in local government capacity building during the last 20 years. He has served as resident advisor for a variety of projects sponsored by the United States Agency for International Development in South America, Eastern Europe, the Balkans, the Caucasus, and Central Asia.

He has served in a variety of management positions, including Director of Government Relations for a major professional trade association, General Manager of an international company in San Francisco, and a department head for the City of Berkeley, California.

He earned his MA from Dominican College, San Rafael, CA (1990) in International Economic and Political Assessment, with emphasis on international development. He holds a BA in International and Comparative Government from the University of Texas at Austin.

Contact Info:
Allen Stansbury
Consultant in Public Policy Research Analysis
Center for Community Futures
P.O. Box 5309
Berkeley, CA 94705

Cell Phone: 707-540-5776