CAA Salary and Benefits Survey 2021

The CAA Salary and Benefits Survey 2021 is now available below.

Scroll down to access the survey online or click here for the Word file.

Click here for information about the CAA Salary and Benefits Survey Report 2019.

Dear CAA Executive Director:

We are once again conducting the CAA Salary and Benefits Survey, as we have done every three years since 1993 and recently every two years.

It is important that your agency completes the survey and submits it to us. Every salary survey we receive will be used to aggregate data on salaries of 50 key CAA positions, fringe benefits, and personnel practices of community action agencies across the country. This year’s survey includes 17 additional job titles.

  1. We guarantee that your individual agency responses will remain confidential.

  2. If you complete the Survey before the deadline of Friday, October 15, 2021 you can order the Report at a substantial discount. We want to make it worthwhile for you to participate in this important survey!

  3. By completing the Survey online, you can save trees. Scroll down to access the survey online.

  4. Even if you are not planning on ordering the Report, please complete the Survey. The results of the Survey will be published before December 31 as the CAA Salary and Benefits Survey Report 2021.

The Report will show the national averages, minimums/maximums, and standard deviations for each of the positions surveyed. The salary charts organize this data by agency variables: annual budget, number of employees, type of service area (urban, rural, or mixed), type of agency (private or public), and Federal region. The Report also will present data on fringe benefits (health, dental, life, disability, and vision insurance; tuition reimbursement; retirement); on leave days (vacation, sick, or combined); plus personnel practices like work hours, flex time, job sharing, mileage reimbursement rates, COLA and Merit pay increases, paid holidays, maternity leave, recruitment difficulties, and much more.

This is a cooperative effort. It is sponsored research in which the participants pay the costs. There is no grant money or other subsidy for the printing, postage, data collection, follow-up, analysis and report writing. You can access and submit the survey online by scrolling down.

To learn more about the Center for Community Futures, please visit or contact us.

Your efforts on this are sincerely appreciated, by us and by Community Action Agencies everywhere.

/ /S/
Jim Masters, CCAP Teresa Wickstrom, Head Start Consultant