Management Institute

Summer Institute for Head Start Management

In-person attendance in our classes at the Cal State University campus are postponed until further notice.

This section describes the Management Institute for 2021 on Zoom. These will be online and accessible to all from home or office. The classes will be LIVE and highly interactive for sharing experiences, asking questions, and group learning. We considered using taped lectures, but we just conducted this class online LIVE on Zoom for the Riverside County Office of Education Migrant Head Start program and concluded that LIVE is by far the best method. (The first class will include refresher training and practice to make sure you have the skills needed to use Zoom for this class.)

The Parent, Family Community Engagement (PFCE) framework requires HUGE changes about how Head Start assists families. Fortunately, the HHS/OHS has described what Supervisors of Family Workers need to know and do in the form of ten goals and associated Relationship Based Competencies (RBCs). Our classes are based completely on the RBCs. The faculty are from the Schools of Social Work and Social Welfare at CSU Stanislaus, U.C. Berkeley, CSU East Bay, San Francisco State -- and their MSW graduates, and from Head Start programs.

Watch this space for the revised schedule at a glance and dates.

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