Policies On Your Drive

Policies On Your Drive 2017 for Head Start/Early Head Start Grantees and Programs

Based on the September 6, 2016 Head Start Program Performance Standards

On September 6, 2016 the new Final Rules were published in the Federal Register, which include 1,306 requirements for Head Start programs.

How will your program develop policies and procedures that meet all of these requirements?

Use Policies On Your Drive 2017.

This 686-page Microsoft Word Policies and Procedures Manual:

  • has 440 draft policies and procedures

  • is organized by the structure of the Head Start Program Performance Standards

  • references the regulations related to the policies

  • is useful for both Grantee and program level operations

  • is available in electronic format

  • was developed by word-smithing, policy writing, reg-referencing, document formatting, project management experts

  • makes it easier to formulate, locate, modify, and update policies and procedures for your Head Start/Early Head Start program.

Sample policy from POD2017:

All policies and procedures in POD2017 have the same format.

Note: Fiscal Policies and Procedures will be sold separately.

Pricing: $395 for the Word file.

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