OEO and CSA Instructions

Free publications for Community Action Agencies.

in PDF format, some in .doc/x

  1. OEO Administrative History Nov 1963-Jan 1969 (PDF)

  2. Studies in Community Action - History 1964 through 1966 63 pages (PDF)

  3. OEO and CSA Evaluations 1965-1981 (PDF)

  4. OEO Memorandum 37-A Statement of Policy on Family Planning Activities February 1967 (PDF)

  5. Studies in Community Action - History 1967 through 1970 100 pages (PDF)

  6. The First Existential Crisis (June 28, 1968) (PDF)

  7. LBJ and Cabinet Background Briefing on OEO by Bert Harding November 1968 (PDF)

  8. OEO Instruction 6005-1 Participation of the Poor in Etc December 1968 (PDF)

  9. OEO Instruction 7850-1 earlier version of the Standards of Effectiveness, May 1969

  10. OEO Instruction 6168-1a Youth Development Policies February 1970 (PDF)

  11. OEO Instruction 7501-1 Role of the State Economic Opportunity Offices March 1970 (PDF)

  12. OEO Instruction 6320-1: The Mission of the Community Action Agency. (PDF) November 16, 1970, Donald Rumsfeld. (Referenced by David Bradley in his July, 2005 article in the NASCSP Newsletter).

  13. OEO Instruction 6001-01 Means of Carrying Out a Community Action Program, May 1971

  14. OEO Instruction 6001-03 Characteristics of Eligible Activities, May 1971

  15. OEO Instruction 6441-01 Special Conditions When (a community action program) is delegated to a Church May 1971 (PDF)

  16. OEO Guidance 6126-5 Rural Housing November 1971 (PDF)

  17. OEO Instruction 6100-1a Program Account Structure December 1971 (PDF) without yellow background (PDF)

  18. Studies in Community Action - History 1971 through 1974 88 pages (PDF)

  19. Standards of Effectiveness CSA Instruction 7850-1a July 1975 (the middle years)

  20. CSA Instruction 7850-1a Standards of Effectiveness July 1975 (PDF)

  21. Studies in Community Action - History 1975 through 1980 with sources 76 pages (PDF)

  22. CSA Instruction 6005-2 Citizen Participation Grant Program August 1978

  23. CSA Instruction 1100-1 Mission of the CSA November 1978 (PDF)

  24. CSA Instruction 6000-2c Index of all CSA Instructions January 1979 (PDF)

  25. Type 3 Evaluation Overview and workplan outlines for the CAAs in Sonoma and Kern October 1979 (PDF)

  26. CSA Instruction 6100-1b Change 2 Program Account Structure October 1979 (PDF)

  27. Type 3 Detailed Evaluation Plan for Sonoma County CAA January 1980 (PDF)

  28. CAA Salary Survey Report 1987

  29. GPMS Training Guide #4 on Evaluation and Assessment for CSA Field Representatives (PDF)

  30. GPMS Trainers Module VII on Evaluation Requirements August 1980 (PDF)

  31. Letter from Don Sykes to Thomas Green on allowable uses of CSBG (PDF)

  32. CAA Salary Survey Report 1990 (PDF)

  33. Evaluation article by Bob Clark (.docx)

  34. CAA Evaluation Workbook in Word (.doc)

  35. Sergeant Shriver Article on Poverty 1965 (PDF)

  36. OEO Trainers Manual for Boards Aug 1969 Volume I Pages 1-180 (PDF)

  37. OEO Trainers Manual for Boards Aug 1969 Volume I Pages 181-312 (PDF)

  38. OEO Trainers Manual for Boards Aug 1969 Volume II Pages 313-442 (PDF)

  39. OEO Trainers Manual for Boards Aug 1969 Volume II Pages 443-590 (PDF)

  40. OEO CEP Program Guidance from Bill Bozman 1966 (PDF) This led to the Kennedy-Javits Amendment to the EOA of 1964 – and that led to CETA

  41. History of the programs under the EOA by Dick Saul and John Buckstead (PDF)

  42. Planning Guide for CAAs from CSA for use in GPMS 1981 (PDF)

  43. LAW - West Central Missouri Rural Development Corporation and Others v Howard Phillips 26 Feb 73 (PDF)

  44. LAW - West Central Missouri, v Phillips, Federation of Government Employees and others v Phillips, National Council of OEO Locals, et al. v Phillips. 11 Apr 73 Order (PDF)

  45. Monitoring for Change by Wayne Thomas. "Wayne wrote this after CSA was closed, so it is not a CSA publication. He and I did a few workshops on this topic in the 1980s and 1990s. I looked through it and the approach still works! His sanction ladder is brilliant!" -- Jim Masters

  46. Community Action Program Workbook. Dated March 18, 1965. 263 pages. "The Community Action Program Workbook has been prepared as an aid to the many people now involved in establishing community action programs to combat poverty. It is designed to stimulate thinking rather than to prescribe given courses of action." https://eric.ed.gov/?id=ED103502

  47. Link to the Index of OEO Records at the National Archives of the United States. The paper still exists! Some on microfilm at the LBJ library. A few are available online. You have to dig, and dig, and dig. https://www.archives.gov/research/guide-fed-records/groups/381.html#381.3.12.1